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A wise man once wrote, I am Dr. Thaddeus P. Brain, the Third. The "P" stands for "Puzzles". I am the puzzle master! Always ready for the master experiment. Nothing can go wrong!

Feel free to contemplate the wisdom of this.

Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book.

True that.

Three things I love:

Example of a SoundCloud embed for my friend

Here's an example of a SoundCloud embed. I typed this paragraph, then clicked on the "embed media" button in the rich text editor. It looks like a film strip. Then I pasted in the URL of the soundcloud clip. Look:


This is a simple blog post

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Cras ut lobortis dolor, in sollicitudin turpis. Donec porttitor nisi et libero elementum gravida. Donec nunc nisi, molestie quis purus ac, eleifend tincidunt erat.

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The Botanical Prints I Found

These are a few original botanical prints I found today and will be posting them soon.


The Pineapple Botantical

My Post Today

Tulip Illustration

Look at the beautiful vintage illustration I picked up today at the market.

Vintage Tulip Botanical Print 

How to Make a Bunny

Making a Bunny is FUN!

step 1: find bunny and study its form

step 2: let it go

step 3: pick material, thread and eyes

step 4: make a pattern

step 5: cut pattern

step 6: put eyes in so they face out

step 7: sew inside out leave space between bunny's legs to stuff him

step 8: turn right side and  stuff inside with polyfill

step 9: embroider face as you like and sew him closed

step 10: sell him on your website and make money.

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An example of a post with an image

You can upload images directly into your posts.

Some legos

It's a lego! Cool.

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This is blog post number two

This is here to show a good example of how you can rearragne blog post and how they will also stack together in the display, time and date. 

You can use the rich text editor to make a varitey of changes, including hyperlinks to other places.


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Craft Racket

The Craft Racket is quite a racket!

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This is a blog post

 This is a blog post that shows how nice and easily you can keep track of yourself or business by using the stream lined blog interface. Use tags to keep post sorted as well as a plethora many other tools such as video:



and images:

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